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Hi, I'm Dick Post ma, My QTH is approx 60 miles north of Los Angeles in the high desert of southern Ca.. I hope that you enjoy these links, other links will be added later. If you have any real neat and useful ones let me know and I will add them, just click on my name to E Mail me.

Hey, you want Ham links!!!!

Introducing EchoLink ...A Great way to communicate over the internet, Just for Hams

  International Police Association Radio Club ... Cops with big radios

Buckmaster World Wide Ham Call Server... If They don't show it, it's probably not a valid call

QRZ Call Book Data Base...Another excellent data base

WA3KEY "Virtual Collins Radio Museum" If you like old Collins gear this is for you...

ARRL Home Page ...All sort of good information here

FCC Home Page...See what big brother is up to.

Antelope Valley radio Club..

Where did "HAM" come from...Inquiring minds want to know

What Frequencies can a Ham operate on...Just in case you have forgotten

Amateur Radio Examination Question Pools...Study all exams and even test yourself.

FCC Part 97 Regulations for Amateur Radio Service...All of the rules at your fingertip.

US Repeater data base... Useful but not all repeaters listed.

List of Ham Radio Manufacturers and Dealers...A very comprehensive list.

Search Tube Data Base...Data base on old "glow in the dark" tubes.

The Condor Connection...An excellent 220 repeater system from So. CA to N. CA.

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